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Veraclean Mission Statement

We utilize state of the art tools,
Technology and cleaning systems
To differentiate our product offering

We will become the recognized national leader
In residential and commercial cleaning
Through massive expansion
Of satisfied customers

We provide top quality
Customer service
By executing principles of
Efficiency, detail and awareness

VeraClean's History

VeraClean was born in 2009 when Kimberly Jones, full-time homemaker and mother of four, caught the business bug. She had always dreamed of owning her own business, but didn’t quite know where, or at what, to try her hand. A friend suggested she do something she excelled at or enjoyed; so Kimberly grabbed a mop, and a bucket of supplies, and started her own house cleaning business.

For the first couple of months, VeraClean was a one-woman show, but as demand grew, Kimberly quickly recognized the need for hiring a housecleaning team. She employed her first group of house-maids and began fully focusing her efforts on the day-to-day management and growth of her budding business.

Building her business wasn’t all bliss. In fact, most days it proved down right difficult. There were days when Kimberly was ready to throw in the towel, but luckily her dogged determination prevailed and VeraClean continued it’s upward climb. Economic downturns, learning curves, and the general ups and downs attendant any new venture, were all obstacles that had to be negotiated. Persevering through the difficult start-up phase resulted in a very stable, solid foundation.

A foundation that Kimberly decided to build upon in early 2010 when she decided to strategically partner with business dynamo, Bryan Welton. As the owner of several successful start-up companies, Bryan possessed the experience and “know-how” necessary to take VeraClean to the next level. Indeed, Bryan’s business acumen enabled Kimberly to expand and achieve her full vision for the company.

Today, VeraClean continues to grow, and under the leadership of Kimberly and Bryan, the company is reaching new heights. With hard work, dedication, and quite a bit of determination, Kimberly’s dream has come unbelievably true. It’s no doubt that VeraClean’s future is as bright and pristine as the homes and buildings it fastidiously cleans!

10 Reasons You'll Love VeraClean!

  1. VeraClean is licensed, bonded and insured; thus giving your peace of mind. Our professional team members are carefully screened and training before entering your home. Although we are always careful with your personal belongings, if something were to break there is no cost to you.
  2. VeraClean is locally owned and operated. We probably live in the same or nearby city. We take great pride in serving the greater Denver area. We enjoy being a part of our great community and donating our time and services to local charities.
  3. VeraClean offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If we overlooked something during your cleaning, we will return and clean it free of charge. When our customers are satisfied, we're satisfied.
  4. VeraClean is proud to offer excellent customer service. We will work with you, your budget and your needs, to find the right cleaning plan for you. We offer in home and in office estimates for your convenience. We also offer easy payment options, thus making your life a bit easier.
  5. VeraClean is constantly striving to keep our customers informed through the latest technology avenues such as our website (veraclean.com), email alerts, facebook, etc. Our customers can enjoy instant estimates online and easily learn about our company and the services we provide. We have monthly email newsletters to keep our customers updated on what is new with VeraClean.
  6. VeraClean does not require contracts. We know once you begin service, you will want to keep us coming back on a regular basis. We understand that life happens and that customers may have changes in their lives. We do not want to burden our valued customers with binding contracts.
  7. 100% of our cleaning products are friendly to the earth; biodegradable, phosphate and toxin free. You’ll feel a certain peace of mind when you open the door to a fresh, clean home, knowing that together we are making a difference both now as well as toward future generations.
  8. VeraClean strives to only use state of the art Vacuum systems and cleaning tools. Our industrial vacuums are equipped with hepa filters and won't put dust back into your home.
  9. VeraClean offers a Price/Quality Beat Guarantee. We will work hard to earn your business. If you have a quote from another company, simply send us a copy and we'll beat it by 5%.

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